Welcome To The Cloverdale Historical Society

Welcome To The Cloverdale Historical Society

The Museum is located in a Gothic Revival Victorian known as The Gould-Shaw House. One of the oldest documented dwellings in Cloverdale, its façade appears today much as it did in the 1870s.

The house is a rare example of Sonoma County Gothic Revival Cottage, an architectural style of the Victorian Era. Its significance was recognized as early as 1877 in the Atlas of Sonoma County which described it as one of the finest residences in Cloverdale.

The Cloverdale History Center and Historic Gould-Shaw House showcase important local exhibits and archives and an extensive collection of artifacts and ephemera of Cloverdale’s natural and human history. The History Center was built in 2010 and currently houses Exhibit Halls, a Research Library, and an Accession Office.

TO RECLAIM MORE THAN MY NAME: The Ba:bihšaʔmen Basket Collection

“My grandmother Ba:bihšaʔmen Vera Jack was born a century ago in a field north of Healdsburg. Forced to live in a world where being “Indian” was frowned upon, she did the best that she could to retain fragments of our culture. For decades the government attempted to strip Indians of our culture and forbid us from practicing our traditions because they were considered to be heathen. This included all things associated with being “Indian”­– our songs, our dances, our language and even our basketry… …this is the story of Vera Jack, as told by her grandson, Silver Galleto.

Over 100 baskets are on exhibit at the History Center “While my grandmother did her best to fit in, she remembered being ripped out of class as a young girl and prodded at like an animal… I thank you for visiting and learning more about Cloverdale’s first People.”

With much respect, Silver Galleto (čo:sinkʰle)


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