Volunteer Registration

It Takes You!

What does it take to preserve Cloverdale’s history and bring it to the thousands of people who live and visit here each year? It takes you, of course! From our programs and exhibits to our research and collections, to our visitor experience and special events, to the maintenance of our treasured facilities, we rely on the skills, imagination, and energy of volunteers. We hope you will join us!

Volunteer At The Cloverdale Historical Society

Please fillout our Volunteer Registration Form and select a day you would like to attend our Volunteer One Orientation Meetings.




Dip your toes in the water with a few hours per week/month at the History Center. Help to welcome visitors and guide them through the exhibit halls, library, and Gould-Shaw house. It’s a great way to make friends and to give to the Cloverdale community.

Exhibits Committee

Yes, the History Center and Gould-Shaw house exhibits are entirely created and maintained by volunteers. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? You might bring your strengths to the ongoing needs surrounding our permanent and temporary exhibits. Visit us and take a look at our Exhibits pages to learn more about our vision.

Exhibits Committee

This is an exciting group created to bring new programs to life at our beautiful History Center and Museum and patio. Come help create the educational and community-minded programs that bring our center to life.

Docents and Volunteer Greeters

One of the most important jobs, our docents and volunteer greeters create the “experience” for our visitors. Welcoming residents and new people in town, you will meet people from all over the world. It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to be the welcome greeter or guide visitors as a docent. We need both! It’s a big job and so very important that we offer a warm, welcoming experience to our visitors.

Library Volunteers

Our research library is an invaluable resource to serious researchers and curious minds. We utilize Past Perfect, a museum-quality software and have more than 65,000 artifacts and items accessioned, in addition to an Index and local property database. We will show you how to use the database and it will become fun and educational for you.

Research Volunteers

Regional and genealogical researchers from across the country contact us regularly with queries. We have a wonderful library for volunteers who enjoy puzzles and digging into a challenge.


Needed! Filing, sending cards, and customer relationships are an essential part of what we do. Help keep the wheels moving smoothly by working with our Executive Director in our main office. We would love to have your help.

Board of Directors

Come visit one of our monthly board meetings to see what we’re doing to shape the future of Cloverdale’s history. You might decide right there to add your positive, collaborative energy to ours.


Achievement — One can see direct results through accomplishments. Volunteers report that personal satisfaction is the primary reason they volunteer.

Personal Growth — Among the major incentives for volunteerism are opportunities to discover new skills and capabilities. Growing self-esteem and confidence are among the rewards of volunteer work.

Giving Back — For some, the desire to contribute to society or strengthen their community underlies their commitment to volunteer work.

Friendship, Support, and Bonding — For others, the human factor is paramount in volunteering. Making new friends, discovering new social links, and networking with like-minded individuals support a feeling of belonging.

Volunteering is really, quite simply.. the “right thing to do.” It usually doesn’t require a huge time commitment; it can help build lasting connections; it provides opportunities to make a real difference; and, mostly, it just feels good.

The Historical Society is in need of your valuable contributions of time and talent. We hope you will become a volunteer today.

Questions? contact Elissa Morrash, Executive Director, at office@cloverdalehistory.org or (707) 894-2067.