Dozens of Cousins Mask Exhibit

The Cloverdale History Center has a new exhibit that we are calling “Dozens of Cousins”. It is an exhibit of masks from many parts of the world; a collection from our long time member Marge Gray. She and her late husband Jim, collected these masks over the years and it was added to by friends from their travels in various parts of the world.

One large mask, which is really a 3-dimensional sculpture, was carved by Jim Gray, who was most interested in the human face. Our exhibit is titled Dozens of Cousins based on Jim’s carved piece of that name, featuring twelve faces carved into one piece of walnut wood. It is displayed on a turntable so that all sides will be viewable.

Masks are not always meant to be worn, but they depict many elements of life in their various countries, including our own, making it a good exhibit for children as well as adults. Marge Gray is a docent on Fridays from 1-3PM.

Museum hours are:
Thursday Noon-3PM
Friday 11AM – 3PM
Saturday 10AM -2PM
Sunday Noon-4PM

Cloverdale History Center and Museum
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