Our Mascots

In 2010, the Cloverdale Historical Society and Cloverdale Volunteer Firefighters raised over $1400 for the ambulance fund and for museum programs in our community. “Firehouse Dog & Museum Cat: Election 2010” raised funds $1 and 1 vote at a time, and culminated in the election of 3 charming and deserving Cloverdale mascots.Here they are, with their “Candidate Statements.”

Our Museum Cat

  Amazing Gracie

Breed: DLH (Domestic Long Hair)
Humans: Feline Rescue of Northern California, Inc.
Causes I Like: Feline Rescue of Northern California, Inc. (www.feline-rescue.com)I’m “Amazing Gracie.” The picture of me at the piano didn’t turn out, so this shot is of me “around the house.” I play a mean version of “Three Blind Mice”… and could probably catch them, too!

Yes, I was born without sight, but just watch me. I can do anything the other kittens can do and love to sneak up behind them and then pounce! My favorite toy is a large ring with a ball inside which I love to bat back and forth. I have no trouble locating my foster parents when I need a lap for my nap.


Our Firehouse Dogs

   Ketcher Booth
Breed: Dalmation
Human: Bill
Causes I Like: To bring smiles (and $bills) to the very ‘cool’ Cloverdale. To let
everyone know even dogs LOVE Cloverdale.

I am “Genuinely Clover-dog-ian”, and I love to sit on the front seat of cars. But my dream is to sit on the front seat of a Firetruck. Yes, yes! I would be sooooo good at that!   My human Bill adopted me from Dalmation Rescue three years ago. Since then, I’ve been the happiest and most grateful dog in the world. He wanted a dog to love and play ‘catch’ with (dat’s me), so he named me ‘Ketcher.’ Neat, huh?

I Was a runner, but now I only run Home. Boy can I run, so I’m running for Firehouse Dog!!!

Breed: Doxie
Humans: Colleen and Melissa
Causes I Like: The rehabilitation, placement and good health of
‘recycled’ dogs.
ME Online: www.kingskastlellc.com

Some might find this hard to believe, but I am a ‘recycled’ dog. I was adopted from a shelter, and I have dedicated my life to helping other dogs. Currently, I enjoy serving as the ‘p.r.’ dog for King’s Kastle, attending events and sporting the latest canine fashions, and raising my protégé ‘Prince.’ Recently, I have taken on the roles of ‘Black Bark,’ ‘Dog Marley,’ ‘The Doggy Llama,’ and of course, ‘the King.’

If elected, I will do my best to represent the diversity of our Cloverdale Canine Community, striving to educate humans on the benefits of canine companionship.